Saturday, September 5, 2009

In His Glorious Name Ministries Online

Welcome to In His Glorious Name Ministries Online.

We are simply that, a online ministry seeking to share the love of Christ and His Redeeming Passion with others within this vast maze called the Internet around the world.

There is no doubt that the Internet provides various information, websites, graphics, and images for the eye's and mind to intake. You name it, and you can find it, from the good, the bad, to even the downright ugly. It is our prayers and hopes to make a difference by proclaiming the love of Christ, the Kingdom of God and truth within all the not so good and the ugly out there.

To simply share God's love, His Precious Word and the Redeeming Passion of Christ, like a light shinning brightly in the dark places and bondage's found on the Internet.

We at In His Glorious Name Ministries Online utilize the power of the Internet to share the love of Christ, Salvation, and preach the Kingdom of God through God's Word to the nations of the world.

It is estimated that in the year 0f 2007, our combined online ministry websites were viewed by approximately 1.5 million viewers. We watched God multiply those number in 2008 and continue to send them from "the north, the south, the east, and the west" to our various online ministry sites, where others found hope, encouragement, Godly counsel and freedom in Christ through the word of God.

Currently we have just over 150 separate ministry websites that share the love of Christ, His Redeeming Passion, the Precious Word of God, and give witness to His Glorious Kingdom here on earth. From Christian Blogs, Blogspots, Forums, Blogging Communities to our Main Ministry Portal, to the endless personal emails, private messages, forum and blogger interactions.

In His Glorious Name Ministries has become a full time 12 to 14 hour per day online ministry. As a online ministry we also network with other ministries within the body of Christ and have numerous links to other ministry websites throughout our network that are a blessing from on High. On the right you will find various links to our online ministry sites and also other ministries within the body of Christ. We consider it a humble privilege to have the ability, calling and mandate to go into the homes of America and around the world.

We are thankful to the Lord for the privilege to minister His love and His Redeeming Passion to others. Currently In His Glorious Name Ministries has been viewed by others from every state in the nation, and has been increasing it's reach to numerous countries and nations around the world.

Please feel free to visit any of our online ministry sites, and we invite you to network with us as we take land for the Kingdom of God by sharing the love of Christ throughout the world on the Internet.
Your prayers, friendship, encouragement and support is appreciated.

Blessings in Christ
Eugene & Brenda
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